For the Individual

“Mountains do not rise without earthquakes.”

Life is complicated. We’ve all heard that so many times! Juggling our day-to-day complexities is what we do…it makes life interesting! There are times, though, when our juggling act isn’t enough; where we just become distressed & overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s a life event that breaks our cadence – relationship challenges, loss of a loved one, career pressures, or even reflection on our past. It’s easiest to just ‘soldier through’ and push aside our feelings. It’s a survival tactic, but those feelings are still there! At some point it can be too much to manage on our own.

We want to be heard but we also want to be less reactionary, explosive, or destructive in our relationships and lives, and these desires can feel irreconcilable at times. It may seem counterintuitive to delve into these uncomfortable feelings. However, in doing so we get clearer on what we are really needing and become empowered in fulfilling that need.

Our sessions are focused on helping you process where you are, where you’ve come from, and how to help you manage your path forward. As part of the therapy process, building those skills involves us processing together:

  • Relationship Challenges
  • Grief and Loss
  • Low Self-esteem/Self-worth
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Overwhelmed or Diminished Coping Skills
  • Healthy Boundaries and Dealing with Others’ Impact on You
  • Finding Meaning and Purpose

I will be your ally in conquering fears which were previously paralyzing when you were facing them alone.

If you’d like my help in making this change, call me today.

Rediscover Yourself…
Rediscover Your Partner…
A Treasure Awaits the Brave

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