Your Partner Feels Like Your Roommate

Communicate Deeply and Restore Your Loving Connection

Couples Therapy in Gilbert, Arizona

In the beginning, there was something special.

You’re educated and well-off in your career.

You both manage well in many areas and are well-respected by your peers and other families. People look to you for advice.

There was a day when you felt these thoughts and opinions warranted.

The relationship was on fire, and you could easily talk about anything. It was like you were on the same page, and it all came easy. Even the bedroom was hot with passion and sex.

You have a nice car and a nice home. You’ve just redone the landscaping and renovated the kitchen. From the outside, things look like they are going well. Even the kids are getting excellent grades and exceeding expectations.

When you want to travel, you book the destination and enjoy time away from the busyness and troubles of home.

Your life is what others say they want.

But you know different.

Things are not as they appear.

You’re barely talking – not even close to sharing or feeling genuinely known by them.

After long hours working, you long to come home to a peaceful evening. You’d like to have dinner, read a book, or watch a show, and ease into the evening before drifting off to sleep.

You hope to connect with your partner, your lover, maybe have some good sex, or at minimum, a connecting conversation about the day.

You used to share the day’s troubles and felt like what you did mattered to your partner.

Now they seem distant and cold, lost in their own world of concerns. You’re either ignored, dismissed, or degraded when you try to connect, so you remain silent.

Sex has become a novelty, rarely spoken of, and even less seen or experienced.

You feel more like roommates, sharing bills and responsibilities, than you do partners sharing life and passion.

You walk the dog alone again, wondering if this is your true companion and if this is where you’ll receive the most love tonight.

Couples therapy rebuilds your connection.

I have a unique approach that allows us to quickly get to the heart of the matter. I use a combination of evidence-based therapy practices that help you begin to see the hidden stories and cycle you and your partner are currently trapped in without knowing.

Bringing awareness to these stories and cycles allows you to immediately begin making alternate choices and decisions in how you both perceive what is happening and how you will respond to one another.

Through greater self-awareness and a deeper understanding of your partner, what was broken and leading to conflict suddenly becomes a tool for deep and binding connection.

Safety and security in the relationship reverse the negative cycle you have been on and create a positive cycle that continues to nourish your relationship and strengthen the bonds you experience with one another.

How we go about this together depends upon each couple walking in the door. Various tools and resources are brought together to face your unique situation to maximize the effectiveness of reversing your negative cycle and rewriting your damaging stories.

Discover clarity and growth.

In our sessions, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of yourself and the dynamics between you and your partner.

Within a supportive space, we’ll discuss your “triggers” and the emotional patterns they create.

You’ll build effective ways of responding to your partner and their needs beneath their words.

Develop true intimacy as you connect deeply and clear the channels of communication.

Restore your connection and return to LOVE.

No more secrets or timid conversations.

Don’t let your relationship suffer for lack of the right tools.

Let’s bring it into the light with safe and honest conversations.

Start experiencing the love you deserve.

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