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You can’t remember the last time you felt free.

Looking at your calendar and the to-do list is overwhelming – it makes you want to go back to bed to continue scrolling through social media mindlessly.

Your family and friends are pulling you in different directions, and you don’t have enough time for everyone, especially yourself.

Drained and exhausted, even planning a getaway feels more stressful than you can handle.

You’ve accomplished major milestones in life, are educated, and can maintain a relationship. You really don’t have a lot to be concerned about or need.

Something is missing. You feel the stress of a lack of accomplishment even though you have a solid career, home, and relationship.

Somedays, it’s anxiety and what the future holds, the great unknown, that send you spiraling.

On other days it’s depression, thinking about lost opportunities, and feeling like you should have been better or accomplished more.

For someone who is often in control, capable, and has a handle on most of life, this is very concerning to you.

Your frustration, overwhelm, and annoyance is spilling over.

Snapping at those you love and losing your cool at work is not a good look.

“Who am I turning into, and how did I get here?” You’re afraid to discover the answer.

You see reflections of your parent’s failures in you, things you promised you’d never become.

It’s frustrating never to have enough time to be the version of yourself you want.

Let’s create the best version of you!

Begin the process of exploration with healing and self-awareness in a supported space.

In our sessions, you’ll discover the steps you need to take to become who you were meant to be.

Our relationship is one hundred percent non-judgmental, safe, and all about you.

Therapy gives you the time and space to express your emotions and desires with a qualified professional offering feedback and direction to move you forward.

Unlock your potential.

I bring a variety of evidence-based therapy practices to help you shift immediately from where you are today to where you want to be.

How you perceive the world and the events around you create narratives that can either be positively or negatively charged. These impact everything in your life.

You and I will unpack these often hidden narratives, examine them, and begin to rewrite new stories that empower you for amazing results.

Your perceptions drive your emotional state of being, how your physical body feels and how you react or respond to life or those around you. It either fuels connection or disconnection.

This awareness gives you the power to make massive gains in life and help others around you if you desire to do so.

It’s time to prioritize YOU!

Feel excited and alive when you wake up in the morning!

Give yourself the tools you need to conquer life and regain your confidence.

It’s never too late to make YOU a priority again.

Don’t lose any more of your life struggling through these things alone.

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