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1308208282If worrying were a sport, you’d be the champion!

Well, your mind would be the champion. YOU would be the unwilling spectator.

Unable to relax during the day or sleep at night…

Constantly thinking about the future…

Suffering from the fear of what might happen next….

Putting up with that ever-present tension in your body…

It’s exhausting – all the thoughts and fears… all the time!

Anxiety can interfere with every aspect of your life.

Maybe you struggle to stay focused at work or attentive to the people you love.

Or you’re paralyzed by the impending doom that creeps in as you think about the future. It’s as if your mind races ahead to the worst-case scenario in every situation.

It seems like your brain is so full of things to worry about there’s little room for anything else.

What you wouldn’t give to slow down and enjoy the present!

Yikes… what to do?!

Friends are worried but unsure of how to help.

Family is concerned, but they’re at a loss, too.

Wouldn’t that be amazing if you could flip a switch and turn off thinking about all this stuff??

Everyone else would surely be happier if THEY didn’t have to worry about how much YOU are worrying.

But you have SO many worries! Ugh!

223663249Anxiety is no joke.

Anxiety is often driven by major life transitions like moving, divorcing, having kids, or losing a loved one. Life is full of changes like these, and change creates stress. And when you’re stressed, that’s when anxiety strikes.

It’s natural to experience fear and uncertainty when going through the unknown. Sometimes being anxious can help you be prepared and alert during stressful times.

But the anxiety you’re dealing with is something different. It’s keeping you in a hyper-future-focused state that locks you out of enjoying your everyday experiences – right now.

It’s like a thief stealing your joy and robbing you of your peace. About the time things feel better… BAM! Here comes anxiety to make sure you don’t forget that you’re worried.

1667438362Fortunately, anxiety doesn’t have to rule your life.

We all grow and change and need people to help us weather uncertain times. That’s what anxiety therapy is for.

This is a chance to navigate the ups and downs of life with someone who cares deeply for your well-being and can help you carve out a path for the future.

I’ll walk beside you through your fears, challenges, uncertainty, and concerns.

Together, we will sort through your emotions, unpack your thoughts, and devise solutions that allow you to experience peace in your life. Establishing goals will keep you anchored and oriented on your path forward.

Together, we can develop skills and tools that help you stay connected with the things that matter most. Mindfulness exercises, for example, will allow you to experience the here and now fully.

No matter how hopeless you might feel…

You’ve made a huge step by reading this page.

Your next step is to reach out. But that’s easy. I’m here, ready to help.

Let’s bring joy, possibility, and peace back to your life!

Call today, and let’s schedule your free consultation: (480) 908-7898.