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Christ-Centered Therapy

1701768247Well-intentioned advice doesn’t solve the problem.

You believe in the power of God and the Holy Spirit. Your faith is real, but so is your anxiety, pain, uncertainty, confusion, and loneliness.

When you reach out to friends and family for support, it’s the same response:

“Stay in the Word.”

“Lean not into your understanding.”

“The Lord is your strength.”


These responses usually make us hide how we truly feel and what we really want to say.

Your very own long, “dark night of the soul”…

When you seek support, answers, and direction from others, you feel MORE alone and isolated.

You end up feeling lost and abandoned, left to navigate rough seas on your own with no paddle and no shoreline in sight.

Maybe there are other things you turn to for comfort or reassurance, but they’re just not helping this time.

Christ Centered Img 2Sometimes, we need to search beyond verses.

The responses you get from your friends and family are valid, but you’re human.

Their advice to seek counsel in Scripture is sound, but life is more complex than a single verse.

You are not a sovereign being like Jesus. So, even if you’re doing “the right things,” you might still feel confused or lost in an often-unforgiving world.

Christ loves you – every part of you.

He loves you for YOU and knows that your whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

You don’t have all the answers or questions, and that’s okay!

He is not asking for your perfection. If you were perfect, you wouldn’t need Him.

Christ is a healer and doesn’t want to see humans suffer.

Seeking a helping hand to ease your suffering, to have someone shoulder the burdens with you is Biblical.

We were not meant to walk our path alone… nor to struggle in silence.

321921791Counseling can be Christ-centered.

It starts with being honest about the facts of your situation. We seek truth over lies.

You then share your raw, unfiltered emotions about what you think, how you feel, and your current understanding or confusion about the issues you face.

There are no boundaries or limit so that it might be ugly and carnal!

Christ already knows. He is the Comforter, Counselor, Guide, Teacher, and Revealer of Truth.

This process is for YOU – to come face-to-face with the reality of where your heart and life are right now. So, let it rip!

These sessions involve more than wise counsel, advice, and evidence-based therapeutic approaches to healing.

Christ will be at the center of our sessions, guiding you toward your inner wisdom, known as the Holy Spirit.

With a foundation of truth and honesty…

You’re in a place to start your inward journey.

We will bring the Word of God into sessions, using Biblical wisdom to lead you on the path of life and hope.

You will journey forward in a life of fulfillment and awareness with God’s tools and resources within you.

Christ-centered therapy is an opportunity for authentic, heartfelt dialogue that leads to intentional transformative moments through the power of the Holy Spirit.

2200625049Just to be clear on a few things…

We only take a Christ-centered approach to your counseling if you request it.

We’ll do these practices only if you’re comfortable with them and want them to be a part of your therapy. I will only pray or use Scripture if you ask me to do so.

If you’re not a Christian…

I don’t treat you any differently from a Christian client, and I won’t impose my spiritual practices upon you. That would be unethical – and unnecessary – because you are inherently valuable and worthy of respect like all human beings. Many of my current clients are engaged in other services and have different beliefs. This in no way hinders our work together.

I can also work with you from your faith perspective (I earned a minor in religious studies from Arizona State University) and help you incorporate what you’ve learned from counseling into your life.

Christ-centered therapy differs from “pastoral care” or “lay counseling.”

My counsel may differ from what a pastor or lay counselor provides. And while pastors or lay counselors are trained in providing support and guidance, they lack the professional expertise of a licensed professional like myself. Many pastors, ministry leaders, and lay counselors refer people to me because I am trained to deal with deeper psychological and emotional issues.

Let’s talk!

Whatever your faith perspective, I’m happy to incorporate it into counseling if it will help you heal and grow.

I am not affiliated with any particular church or denomination. I partner with many churches and offer my counseling services to their attendees and members.

No more agonizing over well-intended advice…

Let me help! Call today, and let’s schedule your free consultation: (480) 908-7898.