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Therapy for Therapists

229879537You give so much of yourself to so many in need.

You lend out your nervous system to help regulate those of your clients.

By the end of the day, you are utterly spent. Your tank is empty. You have nothing left.

Family begins to miss out on the best parts of you. You’re just not as mentally or emotionally available as you once were, and those closest to you need more.

If you are not careful…

You may begin to take on the world you sit in daily: the stress and the emotion… the creep of darkness, despair, and fatigue.

No one starts thinking, “I think I’ll engage in countertransference.” It’s a process that starts small and grows out of neglect for self.

Fortunately, it’s easily corrected by allowing yourself the same compassion and grace to be human that you offer all your clients.

We do personal work, which has special requirements.

We must continually remain self-aware, “check in,” and practice self-care.

Being in therapy isn’t always about coming to grips with our past. Sometimes, it’s about staying on top of our present and planning for our best possible future.

You do so many things every day to practice “good self-care.”

Every therapist knows that sometimes people need to be heard and feel validated.

That goes for therapists, too!

1463204258Therapy can make you a better therapist.

Sitting across from someone and talking about all your hopes, fears, thoughts, feelings, and experiences is big stuff.

When we as therapists go to therapy, it can expand our vision and give us insights that we won’t get sitting in our “therapist chair.”

It enlarges our capacity to understand what we ask of our clients.

It shows us new, engaging ways of connecting and healing.

It expands your ability to help professionally beyond your work.

And that’s not all…

For starters, boundaries are more easily defined when you do your own emotional heavy lifting and get to know yourself. You have a clear understanding of where your stuff starts and stops.

On top of that, the empathy that we can develop when we have done our work – our ability to see other people in their suffering and know what it is like to suffer inside as you work – is invaluable.

There is a stewardship of the daily trauma you encounter that allows you to have a clearer awareness of how its detrimental effects might be creeping up on you.

When you do therapy with me, you’ll get an hour dedicated solely to you: your thoughts, emotions, desires, struggles, and victories. I can help you see all these with greater clarity.

I’ll also chart your growth over time, pointing out successes you may have overlooked!

2018571389We both know how important this is.

More than ever, we now understand the depth and breadth of vicarious trauma and how it impacts providers.

Therapy is a spa day for your soul. It’s a time to rest and reset… to nourish and replenish.

Burnout isn’t a myth; it’s the reality of self-neglect.

Come and see for yourself how much the service you give to everyone else can also benefit you: call today and schedule your free phone consultation at (480) 908-7898.