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Trauma Recovery

1524613646“Life just isn’t working out for me.”

Mostly, you feel helpless and lost. And the feeling gets a little stronger every day.

Haunting memories play back in your head and body at full volume, and refuse to be ignored.

When plans change, or expectations shift unexpectedly, it’s shocking and hard to process.

It seems like every little thing makes you feel overwhelmed and irritable.

You used to be positive and proactive, so when did you become this irritable person – the one that people feel like they have to walk on eggshells around?

That’s not who you are.

2062912997“Don’t be so sensitive.”

Maybe you hear that from time to time. Perhaps you even say it to yourself.

You used to be okay with feeling your emotions. Sadness and anger came and went without much fuss, and you only felt down once in a while.

Lately, though, things have been different. You’re just not yourself. You always feel keyed up and anxious… and ashamed. What’s this all about??

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if you’re safe or back in the middle of it all.

You’ve done everything possible to avoid any triggers, but it’s not enough.

How upside-down can your life get before you finally lose your ability to function?

Let’s get curious.

When life hits you out of left field, it can take all your strength to rebound from that shock.

Sometimes, you can bounce back quickly. But sometimes, it knocks you completely off balance.

Together, we can explore and develop skills that will support you in finding your footing. Once found, you can regain your balance by naming your experiences and looking at all the pieces that impact your life.

Let’s start making things work for you again. Contact me today for your free consultation: (480) 908-7898.